My Dad's Visit

3:20 PM

 My dad came to visit.  In November.  And here are pictures.

Porter thinks Quinn is a lollipop.  Cameryn is just relieved that it's not her!

Papa is a horsey!

My poor dad!

Cameryn loves holding Quinn.  As long as she's not crying.

Zach loves Porter.

Porter is such a good dog.

Sweet Quinn.  She has the prettiest eyes!

Cameryn and Papa on the peacock.

Quinn and Tina on the rhino.  Quinn loved it!

Yay Quinn!

Papa and Cameryn watching the elephants.

Papa and Cameryn.  Two of my favorite people.

We thought this Gorilla was being a ham for the camera.  Nope.  He just stopped to pee.

What a fun day!  We love our zoo!

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