Snowed In. Iced in. And germ-y.

11:02 AM

We're snowed in.  Kinda.  Columbia received 6 inches of snow, topped with a helping of ice.  Anyone can drive in snow, but ice isn't safe.  Snow and ice in SC?  Yeah, it's a total disaster.  Cam and I ventured outside to play for about forty minutes yesterday and she had a great time throwing snow at me and the dogs. 

My Saint Bernard loves the snow, he is a snow dog after all.  His ten year old hips, however, do not love the snow.  He's young at heart but he has old bones.  He wanted to run and jump in the snow but his legs just wouldn't go.  Bless his heart.  He finally just laid down and rolled in it. 

Our office was closed yesterday.  They tried to open today (but since daycare is closed I wasn't going in anyway), my boss drove an hour to the office and then he fell on his butt in the parking lot.  Now, for the second day in a row, our offices in Atlanta, Greenville and Columbia are all working from home as much as possible. 

Unfortunately, Cameryn has a nasty cough and a fever.  I have an earache.  Neither of us are getting much sleep.  She refuses to take any cough meds, tylenol or motrin.  I tried to bribe her with candy (she'll do almost anything for smarties.  Except take medicine.) but she told me that, "I tant take bedicine, Mommy. I toffin.  I haf to tover mah mouf."  Convenient manners are better than no manners, I guess.

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