Picture Post

4:34 PM

Here are the latest pics from my phone.  I got a nifty new big girl camera for Christmas but I haven't uploaded my pics from it yet.  Perhaps I should do that this weekend. 

Remember how I said that I wanted to get organized?  I made my first attempt!  I have tons of recipes that I have printed off the internet that I just shoved into a drawer.  I have to pull them out and go through them when I want to cook something (easier said that done because the recipe that I need is always mid-pile).  Megan had a brilliant idea - put them in a binder!  Now why didn't I think of that?  Feeling inspired, I went to Target and got a super cute green binder for $7 and divider tabs from the dollar bins!  Now all of my recipes are organized stylishly.

I let Cameryn pick her outfit on Saturday morning.  Her choice?  Her lion costume from Halloween.  At least it was warm.

Cameryn and I didn't sleep well on Saturday night thanks to the nasty germy coughing crud.  My sweet husband got up before we did and didn't want to wake up by turning on lights or making too much noise, so he went into the office and started checking emails.  I found him covered up with one of Cameryn's blankets!  Morning babe! 

Cameryn had an invite only tea party.  These were the only two guests:

Cameryn liked the snow, but wasn't so sure about snow on her slide. (And yes, that is a floppy sun hat under her hood.)

While I {tried to} worked from home, Cameryn rode her little car around and around the office.  She's not very fond of the whole work from home idea.

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