10:19 AM

A two year old is like a myna bird, their imitating and vocal skills are spot on.  Last night, Chris was texting back and forth and I asked him who he was talking to because the messages were coming in so quickly.  He said that he was talking to Dan (our college roommate) and Cameryn said, "Daaaan?"  I said, "Yes, Dan.  He lives in New Jersey."  Cameryn says, "I want to see him.  I want to go to Jersey."  I tried to explain to her that she really didn't want to go to New Jersey because one, it's cold there and two, it's Jersey.  Who visits Jersey?  Remember, she likes to imitate people and I really don't need her going to Jersey and coming back sporting a Snooki poof. 

Anyway, Chris said that Dan wanted us to come to Myrtle Beach this year to our annual college get together (we haven't been the past two years!).  Chris replied and said that we would be there, that it would be like the "Summer of Search" and Dan asked if that was like the "Summer of George."  (You know, like when George lost his job on Seinfeld and he said that it would be the "Summer of George!") And Cameryn says, "I want to see George."  Sure enough, Seinfeld was on (it's always on!) and we introduced Cameryn to George.  She wasn't impressed.  George was wearing an orange shirt, her favorite color and she still wasn't impressed.  I know that her Daddy was disappointed.  It's his go to show! 


My child is stubborn.  She comes by it honestly.  She decided that she is a big girl and she doesn't want to wear a diaper or a pull-up, she only wants to wear big girl panties.  This is fabulous, really, it is, I am SO ready to stop buying diapers.  And if we have another child, how great would it be to have Cameryn potty trained!?! Oh right, the problem is that she doesn't know when she has to go yet.  Eh, so what right?  I  decided to be brave and let her go a few hours in panties thinking that maybe, just maybe, she would wet herself and hate it and then she would magically be potty trained (hey, a parent can dream!).  We went to the potty every 20 minutes with no success.  She peed on the floor.  And she didn't care.  We changed clothes and tried again.  She peed on the floor again.  And she didn't care, again.  We're back in diapers and pull-ups.  All hopes of a one day potty training course are gone. 

Chris said that he felt like he had a puppy again because he had to clean pee off the floor.  He's right.  Let's just hope that our dogs don't follow up and mark their territory.  That would be bad.  Really, really bad.


Last night Cameryn asked me if she could go to sleep or if the fireworks were coming back.  Poor kid.

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