The Love Affair

10:19 AM

I'm kind of a car freak.  It runs in my family. 

My Papa, Dad, and Brother were always tinkering with a car in the garage or driveway when I was growing up.  My Dad and his friend rebuilt an old Nova.  My brother got a '65 Mustang and they spend years rebuilding it to perfection.  When my brother got into an accident and totaled it, we all cried.  Really, it's no surprise that I have an interest in cars.  As in, I look at them all the time.  I know their gas mileage. I know how many cylinders they have and really, no car should have less than 6.  It should be law.  I know what colors they come in and what the "extras" packages include and cost.  I test drive cars because I can.  I need to know what is out there. I want to get the best car for me, but the most car for my money. Even though I'm not really buying right now.

My first car was a Mustang, whom I affectionately named Betsy.  Just like Fergie said in her song G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, I am " reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang."  I loved that freaking car.  People can talk all the crap that they want about Ford, my little red Besty was a good car.  I never had any problems with it breaking down and leaving me stranded anywhere.  The day that I drove it home, my Dad and Brother made sure that I knew where everything was under the hood.  They made sure that I knew how to change my air and fuel filters.  How to check and change the oil.  How to change a tire.  Granted, I have never changed my own oil or changed a tire, but I do know how.  When Chris and I decided to start a family I was so reluctant to give up Besty, but I knew that I had to do it.  I gave it to my brother and when he told me that Besty was involved in an accident, I was so angry at him for not taking care of her.  And then I cried.  I know, it's ridiculous, it's just a car, right?

Coming to terms with having to purchase a four door car (and forget about me driving an SUV) took me the better part of a year and then actually choosing which four door car...  Wow.  Yeah, it took awhile.  I test drove car after car after car and finally decided on the one parked in my driveway.

And yes, I have a love affair with my Acura too. 

It's shiny, blue, fast.  It hugs the road.  It's reliable.  It has good guts... Heated seats, tech package, great sound.  When I drive it, I smile.  It makes me feel good.  I.Love.This.Car.  We're thinking about expanding our family this year.  Unfortunately my blue love affair is not big enough for two car seats.  Well, okay, we could make it work.  It just won't be comfortable to drive with Cameryn constantly kicking the back of the seat.   We drive my car more than Chris's Suburban, we will need something a little bigger, but still practical.  *Sigh*  I cringe just thinking about giving it up.  Did I mention how much I love this car?

Thankfully, my husband likes cars as much as I do.  We test drove an SUV this week.  OMG it was terrible.  Aesthetically it was pleasing but it was a terrible drive and had terrible guts.  And it was slow, I barely made it through a yellow light.  Freaking Grandma car.  Ugh, so disappointing - that one is out.  The research continues. 

Anyone have any suggestions on a family friendly SUV?

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