My Baby Gear Rant

10:27 AM

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted a picture of his daughter posing at the clothing store in her new True Religion jeans, which average about $100 a pair.  She's 6.  I was dumbfounded.  I had a similar reaction when my mom spent $72 on a Christmas sweater.  Why?Why?Why? Do people spend so much money on clothes that won't fit in six months?  I could buy groceries for a week with that much money.  Or 4 boxes of pull-ups.  Or 4 bags of dog food. Or... 

I am always amazed at the amount of money that people will spend on their children's clothes, toys, gifts, etc.  Top of the line baby gear.  Monogrammed this.  Name brand that.  Yes, my child does have monogrammed and name brand items, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I did not purchase it for her!  Grandparents truly are god's gift.

I didn't always feel this way.  I was, okay, I still am, a spoiled girl who grew up with nice things and therefore I want my child to have nice things too.  But, I also know that kids are messy, disgusting, splendid little creatures who don't always know that jumping in puddles will make their shoes and pants wet, that yogurt isn't finger paint, and that boogers don't go in your mouth. 

I remember registering for baby stuff.  I asked a lot of my already mommy friends about the items that they really liked.  The bottles that didn't leave baby gassing it up all night.  The car seat that was light.  The sippy cups that didn't leak.  I did my research on the internet and in the store.  I tested the car seats and the strollers.  I pretended to put a baby in the cribs.   I carried diaper bags around the store.  I wanted the stuff that worked for me.

I was fortunate enough to have had multiple baby showers.  Several of them consisted of nothing but impractical frilly outfits and stuffed animals.  Cute, yes.  Needed?  Not really.  I had four showers total and two baby showers in one weekend- the first that was dripping with southern lace, frills, and sweet tea, and the next consisted of, *gasp*, people that actually bought things off of my registry!  I was elated!  My former coworkers, people who worked with kids everyday, actually gave me the stuff that I really needed.  I can honestly say that all of my registered and received items have been good ones.  (Except for the bottles, I switched to Avent bottles after Cameryn was born because they worked for her.)  

Since I had Cameryn, many soon-to-be-Mommy's have asked my opinion on things and yes, of course, I've given it.  Obviously, I don't hold back.  I'd love to go with these parents-to-be when they register because, let's be honest, the pregnant brain doesn't always think clearly and it gets sidetracked with gender specific baby gear, onsies, blankets, cutsie picture frames and rattles.  I'd tell them to give their husband the damn scanner and let him scan what he wants because otherwise he probably won't want to go with them anyway, and then they can edit the registry when they get home.  He'll never know.  I'd tell them to skip buying a breast pump until you know you can breastfeed (you can't return it!).  I'd tell them to buy diapers every week that you're pregnant, in multiple sizes because there's nothing like being dog tired and realizing that you've just used the last diaper and would rather wrap your child in a paper towel than go to the store with a screaming baby.

My friends and I created a baby list of all of the gear that a new mommy will need and all of the gear that we (still) can't live without.  If you want it, just email me.  You can thank me later.

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