10:47 AM

There's a funk going around daycare.  I say funk, but what I really mean is that there are disgusting germs going around daycare that I had prayed wouldn't decide to invade and nestle inside of our house, but they made their way in and now my house smells like a lysol bomb went off because I don't want those germs spreading anymore than they already have.  Wow, was that a run-on sentence or what?  My high school AP English teacher would be so ashamed.  Anyway, the kids at daycare are slowly being sent home one by one and not returning because of these so-called germs.  They have bleached and lysol-d just about everything in the building, but nevertheless, those pesky little germs are freaking persistant.  And finally, we came home with them.  My poor girl was lethargic yesterday and was awake long enough at 7am yesterday morning for me to take her temperature and drink some apple juice before she went back to sleep.  Until 10am.  If you know my child, you know that sleeping until 10am is unheard of at our house.  Anyway, her fever has gone away for the most part, but the clear constant runny nose isn't.  All day I kept thinking, gosh, I really hope she doesn't have RSV again.  There's just no way, right?  Yeah, well, daycare called yesterday, there are multiple confirmed cases of RSV and the flu in her class. RSV is a pain in the ass viral infection that I'd rather not have to deal with - again.  Cameryn had it as an infant and it took almost 6 months of waking up every four hours for a breathing treatment for her to be back to normal (and you wonder why my child is such a crappy sleeper!)  So, please excuse me while I channel my inner kindergarten self and scream, "NO!  NOT FAIR!  NO!  TAKE YOUR RSV GERMS AND STICK 'EM WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!"  Ahh, that feels better.  Kinda.  We haven't had Cameryn tested for RSV and I'm really hoping that yelling at the RSV germs will keep them away so we won't have to have her tested.  Fingers crossed.


Yesterday, Cameryn told me that she wanted a "brudver."  A boy baby.  Because her little friend in her class at daycare is going to have a sibling and of course her friend wants it to be a girl baby.  But Cameryn told me that she wants mommy, this mommy, to have a boy baby, a "brudver."  I laughed.  It was so cute because she was so serious about it.  I wonder if she knows that a baby "bruvder" wouldn't be leaving anytime soon! 


I have a dentist appointment today.  I'm one of those weird people that actually enjoy going to the dentist.  I wanted to be the tooth fairy when I was little and when I discovered that the tooth fairy wasn't real, I wanted to be a dentist.  As I got older, I also got a little wiser, and decided that looking into other people's nasty, plaque filled mouths wasn't exactly the way that I wanted to spend my days.  But, I still love going to the dentist and having my teeth cleaned.  The only part of the experience that I don't like is having to have x-rays and having those little trays in your mouth that dig into your gums and make you gag.  I don't enjoy that part so much.

 However, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

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