Holiday Recap

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You can see pictures here.

Chris's parents came up from FL on Christmas Eve.  Cameryn was so excited to see them!  And even more excited when she realized that they brought presents!  We asked her if Santa was going to come and see her and bring presents, she said, "No, Pop Pop brings presents!"  HA!  She was so very excited about her tricycle and they didn't even get in in the door before she was trying to climb on it! 

We went to church on Christmas Eve.  Cameryn was so pretty in her Christmas dress and sneakers (hey, you learn to pick your battles!)  She took her Baby Jesus figurine from her Little People Nativity set and held onto him the entire time.  I was surprised how well behaved she was.  She loved the service and wanted to see Baby Jesus.  (Chris told me that if Baby Jesus showed up, we were out of there!)  There is a large (adult) Jesus on the back wall and Cameryn said, "Look!  BIG JESUS!"  She was really excited about [finally] seeing Jesus and even more thrilled about the ornament she received during Children's Service and the candy canes that they gave us as we were leaving.  She is going to be very upset when they take down the outdoor Nativity this week.  We have to drive thru the church parking lot daily to look at it!  Do you remember my fear about her following in Ricky Bobby's footsteps and liking Baby Jesus best?  Yeah, well, it is definitely reality.  She really does like Baby Jesus best.

Christmas morning Cameryn woke up at 5:18, found her Santa gifts, grabbed a book, and came into our room and said, "Look Mommy!  Elephant book!"  and then proceeded to make elephant noises.  I loved seeing how happy she was, but OMG it was early!  Luckily we persuaded her to go back to sleep for an hour before we finally got up and opened our presents.  She loved each and every one of them, though the PlayDoh seemed to be her fave.

We said goodbye to Gary and Debbie and then drove to Greenville to see my mom.  We had dinner and during dinner it started snowing!  My mom's dining room has a big picture window and it was so beautiful to see the snow falling during dinner.  Cameryn wasn't thrilled about sitting down to eat.  She just wanted to open gifts.  So, as soon as we finished eating we left the food on the table and we opened our gifts.  Once again, my mom spoiled us and sent us home with far too many wonderful things.  We were beginning to get concerned about the weather because the snow was starting to stick, so we left a few hours earlier than planned and headed home.  Thank goodness we left when we did because the roads were starting to get slick! 

Right smack in the middle of Christmas dinner Cameryn decided that she had to go to potty, on the potty, which is a big deal for her right now since we are trying to potty train.  We have had more success with going #2 in the potty than we do going #1.  Well, she did go #2 in the potty and of course she wanted to share the news with the rest of the family.  She runs out to the table and says, "Gramma!  I went poopy in the potty!  It was a BIG one!"  My mom, who obviously doesn't want to talk about poop over Christmas dinner, says "That's nice Cameryn.  We don't talk about that at the table."  But Cameryn kept going on and on about it.  I tried not to laugh but it was a BIG one, in fact, Chris had to unclog the toilet afterwards! 

Cheryl and Jim (Chris's mom and stepdad) came to our house shortly after we came home from my mom's.  We spent the day after Christmas (it was still snowing!) with them and had a fantastic dinner.  They always bring yummy wine and this time they brought one of my faves - Syrah!  Ahh!  They also brought Cameryn some of those FurReal animals and an animal track.  They are super cute and Cameryn has played with them every single day. 

I worked 4 days last week while Chris stayed home on vacay.  I know he needed the break and he spent most of his time playing his new video games and taking several trips to Best Buy.   I think he had a good week.

New Year's Eve:

We spent New Year's Eve at home.  We had planned on having some family in town but it ended up just being us, which was fine.  Cameryn didn't nap on Friday and she ended up falling asleep at 5pm!  We tried to wake her up at 5:30 in hopes that she would eat and take a bath before going to bed for the night.  She woke up long enough to tell us that she wanted pizza and then she stood up and passed out on the ottoman.

Chris and I watched the Chick-fil-A Bowl after we put her to sleep.  Thank god that Cameryn wasn't awake because the language at our house was not kid friendly.  Damn those Gamecocks!  Chris insisted that we watch the Snooki Ball Drop on MTV.  Am I the only person that doesn't watch Jersey Shore?  I just cannot bring myself to be entertained by that nonsense.  I just feel like my brain cells are being depleted.  Sadly, I just decided to call it a night, before midnight, and go to sleep (yeah, yeah, go ahead, start the old jokes now.)  I just knew that Cam would be up early anyway.

Our neighbors are firework fanatics.  They must spend $1,000 on fireworks through out the year and they didn't disappoint us on New Year's Eve.  They launched them for an entire hour!  Which meant that Cameryn was awake too.  Chris ended up falling asleep (which is what I really wanted to do...) and Cameryn kept me up until 1:30am and then got me back up at 5:45am.  Needless to say, I was exhausted on Saturday and I took a long, much needed nap!

 We spent the rest of the weekend taking down Christmas decorations and playing with our Christmas gifts.  I did get a new camera but I haven't figured out how to upload pics yet.  I will do so this week!

Cameryn was so excited to wear this little dress yesterday!  (Please excuse the bruises on her legs.  Her middle name is definitely not Grace!)

Happy New Year!

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