Organize and Conquer

10:40 AM

I don't have a New Year's resolution - I don't really believe in them.  Mainly because I think that if you have a "resolution" and then you conquer it, what do you have left to work towards?  I have little goals that I shape throughout the year. That way if I conquer one, great, if not, move on!

The first order of business?  Organize, trash, organize, trash, organize... I feel as if our family room resembles Toys R Us (we aren't lucky enough to have a designated play room) and I just need to do something with all of the stuff.  Everywhere.  I bought a few clear storage containers for some of Cameryn's toys and they have helped, but I still have toys in each and every corner of our house, so I need to come up with some kind of organization technique, and fast!  We also have waaaaaaay too many stuffed animals, including several giant stuffed pandas in Cameryn's closet, that I would like to get rid of.   I'm thinking about taking the stuffed animals to the children's home, they would appreciate them much more than Cameryn would right now!  Clearing the stuffed zoo out of Cameryn's closet would provide us with more storage space in her room for her toys, therefore reducing the clutter in the family room.

The second place that we need to get organized is the office aka junk room.  I am dreading this room.  Mainly because the closet in this room has been our storage closet since we moved in almost six years ago.  Currently, the closet holds all of our wrapping paper and a giant bin of some of Cameryn's baby clothes along with all of the empty boxes that my husband refuses to throw away.  This room is also where Chris spends most of his time so it's a cluttered mess in one corner.  We will have to do something with this room if we are planning on having another child.  (And yes, for those of you who keep asking me, it's in the "plans" to start trying this year!) 

And finally, the black hole.  The garage.  We sure as heck don't park our cars in here!  Well, that's not 100% true, Cameryn parks her pink Mini Cooper and the red push car in here... Anyway, my husband, bless his heart, is much like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, from the tv show Home Improvement.  You know, lots of tools (thank you, Lowe's!), not really sure what to do with them?  And lots of tools take up lots of space.   There is also a lot of unused furniture in the garage.  And boxes.  And junk.  Just junk.

Bottom line?  We have too much stuff for our little house and we just need to get rid of it! 
Should be fun.

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