because my brain has almost shut down for the weekend.

4:25 PM

I'm a lazy bum.  Last week, 5 out of 7 days, I went for a run.  5 out of 7 days I was on a runner's high.  This week?  Nothing.  I like to run.  Outside.  I trip over my own feet on dry land so running outside can be problematic in the snow and ice.  Don't think that I will set my alarm and hour earlier.  I cannot get up at 5am and go for a run because I need coffee and food before I can even think straight, much less run.  I could workout inside after Cameryn goes to bed and I have tried to workout at 8pm but then I am just wired silly for the rest of the night.  So in my mind I can run during daylight hours or not at all.  I will get out to pound some pavement this weekend because I need to get out of the house. 

I made tacos for dinner earlier this week.  I didn't use the taco sauce/salsa packet that came with the kit.  It's now stashed with my spices along with the other 12 packets of unused salsa (we like tacos.)  Does anyone ever use this packet?  I don't think that it tastes like salsa.  To me, it just tastes like tomatoes with a little cilantro mixed in.  Bleh.  We like our salsa to do a little samba with our food - spicy!


Speaking of food, does anyone have any yummy recipes that they want to share?  I need new food in my life.  I could ask my Iron Chef relatives (my brother or my mom) but they don't make anything easy because their "on hand" items are much different than my "on hand" items.  So, send over some yummy eats.  Please. 


Since we are already talking about my needs...  I also discovered, while working/staying from home for several days, that I need adult people in my life on a daily basis.  There are some days that I barely see Chris since our schedules can be total opposites, so I like being able to talk to my coworkers, clients, and seeing friends that I can meet up for lunch.  I like getting out of the house and doing things and I like spending my weekends not doing things.   

I am not sure that I could be a stay at home mom.  Yes, I was an Early Education major.  I taught preschool for years.  I spent many days and night coaching gymnastics.  But spending long days inside with my own kid was not my idea of a fun three days. This may not be a fair statement since we were unable to leave our neighborhood thanks to coughing, nose germs, and ice but I still don't know that I would want to stay home.  Or, maybe I would - but part time.  That may give me the best of both worlds.


I'm sure you've heard of this mess with the zodiac.  I think it's funny that so many people are upset about the possibility of having to identify with a new sign.  I'm a Leo (which apparently won't change under the "new" zodiac) and yes, I can identify with the so-called Leo traits.   I can also say that I can identify with the traits of other signs too and I'm right smack in the middle of the Leo.  And horoscopes?  Well, sometimes I would rather have another sign's horoscope for the day. 

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