9:54 AM

I realized over the weekend that I don't talk to my friends anymore.

I have (or it is had?) an incredible group of friends that each have their own space inside my heart but lately, all of their spaces seem a bit dusty.  We used to email daily, see each other every few weeks, send silly cards and talk about everything under the sun at all times.  Yet, sadly, all of that seems so long ago.  Life happened.  Love was formed.  Families were born. Times are challenging.  And somehow, emails lost their way into inboxes.  Phones lost numbers.  I lost my friends... They're out there. I know they are.

I miss laughing with them.  I miss talking about our hatred for white sneakers.  (Yes, seriously.  I hate all white sneakers.  Men seem to flock to them and to me, they're just ugly.  Only nurses should wear them and even then it is questionable.)  I miss sharing my life with them.  I miss making up silly dances and acting far too young for my age.  Most of all, I just miss them.   I need them.  They're a part of me.

So, I'm off to send some emails and try to catch up on what has happened with their lives in the past 5,476 days that we haven't spoken (okay, I'm exaggerating, but it seems like it has been that long). 
Hopefully, by the end of the day I won't feel so lost.

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