if I had a cat.

3:00 PM

It would be this one.  Meet Jersey.

I'm not a so-called cat person.  Most of it has to do with the fact that I'm allergic to them and always had dogs growing up.  I like dogs.  But this cat is pretty cool.  You should adopt her.  Really.  And then I can come spend ten minutes with her every now and then.  Ten minutes is my limit because after that my eyes get all puffy and look like marshmallows and my nose feels like its been plugged with rubber stoppers.

We visit Pets, Inc. a few times a month.  Cameryn and Chris love to go and see all of the cats and dogs.  The rescue center really is an amazing place, but it makes me so sad to see so many animals that need homes.  Chris always tells me that we never see the same animals twice, but really what he means is that we never see the same dogs twice.  Cats, especially adult cats, are just less likely to be adopted. 

Want to help?  Donate supplies.  Volunteer your time.   Find a shelter in your area! 

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