Prayers. chants. dances. or whatever it is that you do, we need it...

10:30 AM

We received sad news last night that Chris' Pop-Pop (maternal grandfather) is very ill.  He was diagnosed with cancer last year and has had several rounds of chemo.  Unfortunately, the chemo makes him very sick, the cancer has not responded well to treatment and has now metastasized to other areas.  The doctor does not seem optimistic about his chances.  Pop-Pop has a few other appointments lined up for him over the next few weeks, but all indications point to there being no other treatment options available. Pop-Pop is a religious man and believes in His mercy but no matter what you believe in,  there is something so desolate about the unknown.  My heart breaks for him and our family.  I pray that he will not suffer these next few weeks and that he, and our family, find small beauty and large comfort in each day.

On a brighter note, Chris learned of two leads for a (new) career yesterday!  Keep your fingers, legs, toes, arms and eyes crossed that something comes through for him soon.  He needs to move on from his current position at Lowe's as it isn't where he sees himself anymore.  Though he is considerably less stressed than this time last year, he craves a daily challenge and to have the respect that he deserves.  I know that so many people around us are struggling right now, and have much bigger problems and needs that what our family does, but we need a glimmer of hope that something will happen on the job front this year. 

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