9:30 AM

Two year olds have obsessions.

Cameryn is animal obsessed.  (She truly is her father's child!)

Earlier this year, Cameryn found the first Shrek DVD in our entertainment unit and I put it in for her to watch.  She was in love.  She carried around a plastic Shrek toy for months.  We couldn't leave the house without it.  We have Shrek coloring sheets.  Shrek stuffed animals.  We have had to watch the Shrek Holiday specials over and over and over.  Most little girls, when they talk on their pink play phones, call their Mommy and Daddy.  Or their BFF.  Or their Grandparents.  Not my kid.  She calls Shrek.  Or "Hee-Haw" (aka Donkey.) 

I have been talking to Cameryn about The Christmas Story and the Birth of Jesus.  A few weeks ago, my mom bought Cameryn the Little People Nativity Sets so she has something to reference on a daily basis.  The first set is the Inn at Bethlehem, which contains the Inn, Innkeepers, and a few animals.  Each morning on the way to school I tell her about the birth of Baby Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.  She pays me no attention until I tell her that there are animals at the Inn, then she gets excited and talks nonstop them, asking a million questions.  I am hoping that she will have the same enthusiasm about Baby Jesus soon too.  (But not like the Ricky Bobby enthusiasm from Talledega Nights.  Jesus did grow up.  "He was a man!  He had a beard!")

Cameryn talks in her sleep.  I can never figure out if she is actually sleeping or if she is awake so many times I have to go into her room just to be sure.  The past few nights she has been awake.  Monday and Tuesday night I went into her room and she told me that there were frogs.  Couldn't I hear them?  Wednesday night she told me that there were baboons in her closet.  I can chalk this up to an active imagination and too many trips to the zoo.  But yesterday?  Yesterday when she woke up, she insisted that there was an owl by her door and as we walked out of her room she said that it was flying up the stairs and that she wanted to go touch it.  I played along for a minute and then I realized that this kid was serious.  She saw an owl!   The only thing that I could think about was that silly owl from Harry Potter but Cameryn hasn't seen Harry Potter.  Where does she come up with this stuff?

I recorded Beauty & the Beast over Thanksgiving (I just love the 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family!)  Cam said that the Beast wasn't a Beast, it was a tiger and she refers to the Beast as "Tiger Beast."  I, being the girly person that I am, was sure to point out Belle!  After all, what girl doesn't like a princess?! 
Mine.  Duh.  What was I thinking? 
For two weeks, we have had to skip every scene with Belle and go right to the "Tiger Beast." 
This morning Cameryn and I sat down to have breakfast together.  I put her breakfast on a Disney princess plate that has Belle, Cinderella, and Aurora on it.  She said, "Look Mommy!  It's Belle!  I like Belle!" 

I did a little happy dance. 


She may be my kid after all.

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