Because it's Monday.

11:58 AM

I'm disappointed today along with a dose of more than slightly annoyed.  There is a new, unexpected and reoccurring trend in my life right now that I would really like to kick in the ass and drag by the ears all the way to the dump.  I'm hoping that it won't be a permanent trend, but for right now, it sucks.  I don't like being blown off by people that I care about.  I feel used.  I'm a good friend.  I deserve to be surrounded by the same. 


My dog wanted to go outside at 2am.  He started panting like it was 100 degrees in our house but really his Saint Bernard cold weather sensors went off and he just wanted to go outside and lay in the really cold grass for awhile.  I was annoyed, naturally, but when I opened the door to let him out I was awestruck by how clear the skies were.  The stars were incredible little jewels and I felt like I had my own magical, twinkling, secret gift at two in the morning.


Cameryn has discovered her nose.  She tells us when she has a booger and then she goes for it before we can get her a tissue.  Yesterday I told her that there were germs in her nose and that she should keep her fingers out of it.  She said, "Germs?  Oh, okay."  And that was it.  She didn't go digging for the rest of the evening.   This was the conversation last night when I was putting her to sleep:

 C:  "No picking nose.  Germs in there?"

 "Yes, Cameryn, germs in are your nose.  When you pick your nose you get germs on your hands and then germs on your toys." 

C:  "Oh. Germs on fingers.  Germs on toys.  Germs on the floor.  Mommy has germs?  Daddy has germs?  Madison has germs?  William has germs?"

"Yes, Cameryn, we all have germs.  We don't want to share our germs."

C:  "Share, Mommy!  Be nice!"

"No, Cameryn, we share our toys, but not our germs.  Don't share germs."

C:  "Oh.  Okay.  No share germs.  No pick nose.  Germs in there.  Why?"

"That's right, germs are in your nose, don't pick it.  Please go to sleep, Cameryn."

C:  "Germs go to sleep too?"

The mind of a two year old is a wondrous thing.  And yes, the first thing that she did this morning was point to her nose and say, "Germs in there!"  I'm glad that the point got across.


The battery in my car had to be replaced.  Normal maintenance of a car owner.  However, the heart of my car is the technology package which works off of a code.  The battery replacement forced a reset of the computer in my car that needs to be activated with the code.  The secret code.  The code that I have tried to guess over and over.  The code that forces me to be SOL and riding down the rode in silence.  Because my radio won't work.  My cd player won't work.  The freaking 1980's cassette player in my 2008 car won't work.  I cannot even plug in my ipod.  I do however, get to see an annoying red light that continuously flashes and lets me know that my anti-theft is working and tracking.  Damn technology. 


It's cold outside.  I like it.  Because it feels like Christmas.  And that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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