snuggly Porter.

10:12 AM

Here's another post about animals.   I'm not one of those crazy animal people, really, I'm not.  But I do love my dogs and they provide a lot of entertainment in our house.

Chris packed up his winter clothes and left them in a bag next to his side of the bed, which is about 3 feet away from his closet.  I never asked why he did it but I refused to move it.  So it just sat there.  All summer.  It's been a giant purple eyesore, but I just refused to move it.  My husband, who is obviously not a clean freak, throws clothes on top of the bag.  Clothes that are dirty.  Clothes that are clean.  Clothes that he only wore for a few hours and plans to wear again (but he never does!)  Recently, he started taking the winter clothes out of the bag, but the bag is still there.  Winter clothes are spilling out of it.  He kicks off his shoes there too, so now the shoes are beginning to multiply.  His semi-clean already worn clothes are starting to pile up.  It's a mess.

Saturday night our 115-lb Bullmastiff decided that he wanted to forgo his warm dog bed... because the duffle bag was calling his name!  He tried and tried but he just could not fit inside of that bag and he settled for laying on top of it, snuggling with Chris's warm clothes.  Last night he did the same thing and he was sound asleep this morning when I was getting ready for work.  I couldn't help but take pictures.

Oh, and the reason why Chris bagged up his clothes?  (I finally asked after 6 months.)   He needed more hangers.

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