Weekend Recap, Part 1 (bc my weekend was 6 days long)

10:56 AM

Yes, I realize that it has been a week since I last posted.  I had a 6 day weekend (don't hate) full of family.  I tried to post but as soon as I sat down Cameryn woke up from a nap.  So, let's start from the beginning....

Thursday - Thanksgiving!  We all got up early so that we could go to my mom's.  Cameryn refused to wear her Thanksgiving outfits.  She kicked and screamed and cried and said NO THANK YOU over and over.  She wanted to wear her pajamas to Grandma's.  On Thanksgiving.  I am not one of those people who dress  up their child everyday in outrageously priced smocked outfits and plaster giant bows on their head but I do think that you should look "nice" on Holidays.  My child didn't get that memo and insisted on her monkey pajamas.  Telling her that she was going to end up on the People of Walmart website because she refuses to wear anything but pajamas didn't seem to sway her.  So, we let her wear them in the car and changed her when we got to my mom's.

Of course, I started cooking as soon as we arrived and I didn't stop until we sat down. My brother and his family were 2 hours late with the Turduckin and I threatened to leave before they got there.  I seriously HATE when people are late.  My mom insisted on doing a toast before the meal and handed us all champagne glasses.  Cameryn said, "I want one!"  So my mom handed her a little appertif glass full of juice.  We say, "Cheers!" and clink our glasses together while Cameryn watches on.  Cameryn looks at me, looks at my mom and takes her little glass and bangs it up against my mom's glass and says, "Cheers!"  Champagne and juice went flying all over my mom.  Awesome.  We sit down for dinner and my mom starts handing out pumpkin soup (that only my mom and brother ate.)  My husband doesn't want to wait on the main course so he starts spooning food onto his plate.  Except it wasn't a plate.  It was the gold charger that goes under the plate.  So I tell my husband that it's a charger and not a plate and he looks up, straight faced, and says, "What am I charging?  I don't have my cell phone."  Classy.  My mom just walked out of the room.  My brother almost spit out his soup.  The rest of the meal was fine.  Cameryn didn't eat a thing.

Friday- Black Friday!  And I missed it.  Sigh.  Next year I will make it out.  Even if I have to drag my kid with me!  It was pouring rain and Cameryn was pooped from Thanksgiving.  We ventured out to the grocery store (we were the only two people in the whole store) and that was about it.  She took a 3 hour nap while I cleaned the house and did laundry.  How does a family of three create so much laundry?  I don't mind folding the clothes but putting the clothes away makes me want to cry.  I would pay someone to put away our clothes.  Cameryn doesn't mind it though.  I fold it and she balls it up and puts everything in the bottom drawer.  

Saturday I put up our tree while Cameryn napped.  Our BFF's were nice enough to donate their 9ft tree to us.  We had a tiny 6ft Charlie Brown looking thing that my dogs could knock over if they barked loud enough or wagged their tails too hard.  I was so excited that I finished putting it up before Cameryn woke up!  The look on her face was priceless as she said, "WOW!"  I couldn't wait until Chris got home so that we could all decorate our tree as a family!  After dinner we put on Christmas carols and I handed out the ornaments to Chris as he helped Cameryn put them on the tree.  It lasted 5 minutes.  Cameryn said, "I all done,"  and walked away.  I was slightly annoyed.  This was not working out how I imagined it.  And then I looked at our tree.  Cameryn had put all of the ornaments in one spot (which I expect from a 2 yr old) but then I look up, where Chris was placing his ornaments and they are all in the same spot too.  I totally made fun of him.  I decorated the tree, by myself, while Cameryn watched Dora and Chris played on his phone.  My family has great Christmas spirit.

Sunday Chris had to work early so Cam and I played at home for a little while before our lunch date.  Gary and Debbie live in FL but were on their way back from NC where they were visiting my SIL.  Cameryn was so tired during lunch because it was around her naptime but she was very good and sat next to her Grammy and PopPop.  She fell asleep on the way home and I carried her into her room but she woke up as soon as I walked out of her room.  I bribed her and told her that if she went to sleep that she would get to see her Papa when she woke up.  It worked!

I took loads of pictures this weekend.  You can see the Thanksgiving pictures here.

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