Elephants & Pigs

9:40 AM

Cameryn is obsessed with elephants.  She even pretends that her arm is an elephant trunk and will make an elephant noise as she moves her arm up in the air.

Like clockwork, Cameryn comes into our bedroom around 5:30 every morning and crawls into our bed.  I don't mind that she comes in, but she will only sleep in the middle of my pillow which causes me to be very uncomfortable.  So I lie awake staring at the ceiling, trying not to fall off the bed, while listening to Chris snore as he and Cameryn sleep the morning away.

Yesterday, apparently, Cameryn wasn't asleep.  Chris let out one heckuva snore.  Cameryn must have thought that they were playing animal sounds and that Chris was pretending to be a pig or something because the next thing I know Cameryn pretends to be an elephant.

I almost fell off the bed because I was laughing so hard.

I love my kid.

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