Weekend Recap, Part 2 (bc my weekend was 6 days long!)

4:54 PM

My dad came to visit!  He showed up just as Cameryn woke up from her nap (perfect timing, Dad!)  Cameryn pushed Nong and my Nana out of the way so she could get to Papa.  I just love how excited she gets when she sees her grandparents (All 7 of them!)  We sat around and played inside most of the afternoon as Cameryn started running a fever.  (Side Note: I read an article today that a pediatrician near our area has been treating Adenovirus.  An illness that acts like strep or flu, but tests negative for both.  The illness is virus with fever, sore throat, and runny nose, so it should be treated with antibiotics.  I think that my pediatrician missed that memo back in October/November because it sure sounds like what Cameryn had for 6 weeks!)  Papa brought Cameryn an adult torture device - one of those dolls that talks when it moves.  Or talks when something around it moves.  Or talks when the world turns.  My poor dad had the thing in his car for 5 hours and he couldn't turn it off without busting open the package (and he "couldn't do that" because the package doubles as a rocking horse).  He covered it with jackets and suitcases and he still listened to it.   Plus he brought a ride on train for my neice that beeped and honked at him when he hit a bump. Anyway, Cameryn kept throwing the doll at me and the doll kept saying, "I did a flip!  I'm silly!"  And of course Cameryn thought that it was the best thing ever.  Me, not so much.  I turned the doll off.  She doesn't seem to care.  Laurin-1, Papa/Doll-0

Sunday night my dad mentioned to Cameryn that we may go to the zoo in the morning.  Apparently my dad forgot that a two year old lives in the now and does not understand future tense.  The child was off the wall for the rest of the night naming all of the animals in the zoo, what sounds they make, what animal she would ride on the carousel (the peacock, DUH!)  My dad just stood there laughing as she bounced all around.  And then, because it was already past her bedtime, I had to put her to sleep after that.  Fun times. 

Monday morning Cameryn woke up and started talking non-stop about going to the zoo.  Unfortunately my dad had to get some work done (since he lives/works in Vietnam, he only has a few hours that he can work simultaneously with his company while he is stateside) and we were not able to go to the zoo but that didn't stop Cameryn from talking about it.  We told her that we had to wait for cousin Quinn to arrive before we could go to the zoo.  We took her to the grocery store instead but for the next 3 hours Cameryn walked around saying, "Wait.  Cousin Quinn.  Zoo."   Yes, child.  WAIT.

Cousin Quinn finally arrived after naptime!  I know that my Nana was filled with joy being able to see her two great-grandchildren play together!  Cameryn played well with Quinn and brought her all of the "baby" toys and put them in Quinn's lap.  Since Quinn isn't mobile yet I know that she appreciated it as well.  I made sure to tell Cameryn what a big girl she was and thank her every time she did something nice.  She didn't like that Quinn took away some of the attention from her Papa though.  Cameryn went into her room for quiet time and I followed her in and asked her if she was jealous.  She responded and said, "I NOT DEALOUS!"  (She definitely was.)  She did con her Papa into a horsey ride though, it was comical to watch for sure!  We ordered Chinese for dinner and had enough food to feed most of my neighbor's.  My family can eat.  Plus we made turtle brownies and a cake.  YUM!

Monday night I sat around with Zach and Tina and chatted for awhile.  Funny how much things have changed since last year!  We talked about our kids, their wedding, what the future holds.  I really enjoyed it!  Plus, Tina is awesome and so easy to talk too!  I am so lucky to have three wonderful woman who I can call sister-in-law! 

Tuesday it was raining, but that didn't stop up from going to the zoo.  Cameryn LOVED it!  It was Quinn's first trip to the zoo and she loved feeding the giraffe's and watching the gorilla run around.  The gorilla stopped right in front of us and made a face.  We all thought that he was being a ham while we took picture after picture of him.  He just stopped to pee.

My family left after we got home from the zoo.  I cried.  I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it now.   I think that I will always cry when I say goodbye to my dad after he visits.  It just makes me sad.  I'll get over it in a few days, I always do.

I was so tired after everyone left but it was too late for Cameryn to nap and boy was she in rare form.  I begged her to lay down on the couch with me for a few minutes but she refused.  She's just too busy for that.  She did pass out around 7 and I wasn't far behind her!

Pictures are here.

My weekend, overall, was just fantastic.  My family rocks. 

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