Hot Mess

4:34 PM

Our radio statio has a contest right now.. Be a Hot Mess like Kesha and win tickets to see her in concert.  No, I don't like Kesha and I usually change the station when her songs come on but perhaps I could enter and win this one.  I am definitely a Hot Mess most days. 

I am not one of those women that always looks totally put together.  You know the women that I am talking about.  No matter what time of day it is they always look like they could be a cover model for InStyle.  Their hair is perfectly coiffed.  Their makeup looks like it has been airbrushed.  They have clothes that fit to a T.  Their jewelry is right in line with the current trends.  They look polished.  Effortless. 


Nope.  Definitely not me.  I change my outfit 3-4 times before I actually walk out of the house (my husband calls me Mr. Rogers) and even then I may not be happy with the way that it looks.  Currently my hair is in desperate need of a cut and foil.  I just noticed that I shouldn't be wearing these shoes with these pants because it looks like I have on high waters.  My makeup is applied once a day.  I wear the same jewelry everyday.  Because I tried wearing bracelets but I cannot type with them on and I usually end up just taking them off anyway.  I like necklaces but long ones drive me bonkers and short ones usually end up under my shirt.  Normally by lunch my makeup is gone and my hair has made it up into some sort of wanna- be-bun-ponytail thingy.  And this isn't just on the weekend, people.  This is everyday.  Current fashion trends make me uncomfortable.  I'll pass on the high waisted pants and skirts.  Skinny jeans are not my friend.  Boots tucked into my pants make me look like an Oompa Loompa. 

How do these women do it?   How do they look so put together?  They need to share (with me and Kesha). 

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