Santa Baby!

2:32 PM

We took Cameryn to see Santa!  She was SO excited.  She told Chris that she was going to ask for a dunebuggy and a horse (no fatherly influence there, really) but when she sat down she told Santa that she wanted "Lotsa presents."  Santa laughed.

Chris forgot the camera so these are from our phone.  Yes, my child has on pink shoes with a red shirt and red socks.  They are her favorite shoes. 

 Santa was kind of obsessed with Cameryn's Mickey Mouse socks.  It was a little strange. 

Cameryn rode the carousel while they waited for me to get there.  There wasn't a peacock so she rode the tiger!  I love the look on her face in this picture.

We went to see Santa during the week because last year we waited for 2 hours on the weekend.  Thankfully, the line was short and there were only 3 other families in front of us.  The line moved quickly until the mother in front of us decided to torture her screaming one year old child by insisting that he sit on Santa's lap while they jingled bells, and clapped, and sang songs.  Over and over and over.  The mother, grandparents, and the nice picture elves must have tried for 20 minutes while the rest of us stood around and tried to be nice.  Screw nice.  Santa got up and told the mom that while he understood how important the picture was, they did have to keep the line moving for the other children.

I love Santa.

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