Presents Under the Tree

9:18 AM

I told Shana that I was a little nervous about putting wrapped presents under the tree because Cam will want to open them right away.  Since Shana has three kids, I figured that she was a good one to consult about this.  She said that she remembered feeling that way too but that she just told her kids that if they played with the wrapped gifts or tried to open them that she would take them away.  Brilliant!  Why didn't I think of that?!

I got the cutest paper again this year from the dollar bins at Target and the rolls are the prefect size for the smaller clothes and toy boxes!  I wrapped a few gifts for our nieces and nephew and carried them out to the tree.  I told Chris that if Cam touched or opened the gifts that we would take them away.  He said, "Why put any gifts under the tree?  Santa brings them all anyway."  I'm sure that I made a strange face and some odd noise as I stared at him in disbelief.  WHAT?!  What in the heck is this man talking about?  The gifts aren't for her, they are for her cousins and Santa isn't bringing the gifts for her cousins.  Plus, presents under our tree that she cannot touch is a prime learning opportunity.     

This is the first year that we really have to worry about the presents and our "family" traditions (last year Cameryn, 14mo, couldn't have cared less about the tree and presents.)  My family always had presents under the tree to and from our family.  Our presents from Santa came on Christmas Eve. He brought us our dream gift, unwrapped, and filled our stockings.  Christmas morning we would all sit around and unwrap each gift, one by one.  Yes, it takes hours but it is a lot of fun to see each person really relish in the moment.

Apparently, at Chris's house where they had four kids, they didn't have any presents under the tree the days leading up to Christmas.  Santa brought all of them.  Maybe his family chose to do it this way because it was easier than having four kids shake the presents everyday trying to figure out what they were.  I'll have to ask his parents.  However, I have been to his house on Christmas with all four kids (before we all got married and had our own kids!) and it was chaos.  They were like savages!  There was wrapping paper flying around, glitter hung like fog in the air and I had no idea where my gifts were.  I sat there dumbfounded watching them tear into gift after gift.  There was no moment to savor.  The whole thing was over within minutes. 

After I got done staring at my husband like he was some kind of Christmas alien, I put the gifts under the tree.  And then I relished the moment.

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