I'm an Aunt again!

9:34 AM

Our family was blessed with two more girls to love!  The girls, Anna Michaela & Laura Margaret, were born in Boston on Wednesay, December 1.  Their mom, Maggie, is a superhero for sure.  Their dad, Matt (Chris's brother), is a little overwhelmed but already head over heels for them.  Maggie will be able to go home this afternoon but the girls will have to stay in the hospital for another week or so.  Though overall healthy, Anna and Laura are in NICU as they are slightly premature.  Laura had an episode of apnea on Wednesday night (which is somewhat common since her lungs aren't fully developed.)  Both girls are currently on feeding tubes.  We had good news this morning that Anna was in a regular crib as she is now regulating her own temp.  Please say a prayer for them!  I can't wait to meet these precious babies!

Anna Michaela

Laura Margaret

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