10:54 AM

Two weeks ago, Chris rescued a dog.  He was outside working in the garage when a little black, bow-legged, raggedy old dog walked up to him.  The dog had a collar on but no tags.  He seemed tired so Chris gave him some water and then walked him around for a little bit asking the neighbors if they knew who the dog belonged to, but no one knew.  So, Chris did what any animal-loving person would do, he decided that we would keep him overnight and take him to Pets, Inc. in the morning if we hadn't heard anything.  He named him Buster, took the dog inside and introduced him to our giants, and gave him a bath.  Our dogs were fine with Buster, though Buster wasn't crazy about them at all.  Chris took Buster with him to pick up Cameryn from school just in case there was a scuffle with Buster and the giants while he was gone.  Cameryn adored that little black dog and it was love at first sight.  She liked that he could sit in her lap. 

I was at work while all of this was going on.  I printed off some FOUND DOG posters and Chris hung them up around the neighborhood when I got home but we didn't receive any calls.  Poor little guy wouldn't eat anything but a dog biscuit and would follow Chris where ever he went, I felt terrible because I knew that this was someones dog and they were probably worried sick about him.  Buster and Chris slept on the couch that night.  Chris tried to get into the bed, but Buster jumped up and down and whined because he couldn't get up.  I didn't want the dog on the bed (because then the other two would think that they could get on the bed!), so Chris and Buster shared a blanket on the couch. 

Cameryn woke up at 5:30am and was thrilled that Buster was still there.  Chris's phone rang at 6:50am, it was Buster's owner and he was so relieved that we had his little black bow-legged dog, whose name was actually Henry!  We told Cameryn that Buster's Daddy was coming to get him.  She was so sad.  Chris took Buster outside and Cameryn cried and cried until I walked her out so that she could say goodbye.  Buster's owner was so thankful that we had given him a good home for the night.  He lives just a few houses away from us, but we had never seen him because they have a fenced in back yard - the grandkids left the gate open and Buster got out.  He is quite the little escape artist!

Cameryn still asks about Buster every now and then.  Last night, someone knocked on our door, when I opened it, there was Buster's dad with a gift!  I told him that he didn't have to bring us anything but he said that Buster would have had a fit if he didn't say thank you.  Cameryn opened the gift -a holiday pillow and blanket.  I asked her if she would like it on her bed and she said "No, it's Busters!"  She carried it out to the living room and put the pillow on her chair and the blanket behind it. I know that she is waiting for him to come back one day!  And he just might, but at least we can take him home.  The gift, and seeing Cameryn's reaction, warmed my heart last night.  We have so much to be thankful for during this Holiday Season.

To:  Our Friends                  From:  "Buster" For Taking Care of Me

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