It's Tuesday, but really feels like Monday.

12:53 PM

I have had 3 cups of coffee this morning and I still feel like I need to prop open my eyelids with toothpicks.  I haven't slept well since Friday.  I know that I am still grieving... I think we all are.   The guy at work got me a cheese danish as a "welcome back to work gift".  He said that people need to eat when they are grieving so I needed danish. 


I was also told this morning that I "must be the type of person who puts sliced banana in their cereal."  I had no idea there was such a stereotype.  And, for the record, I do put sliced banana in my cereal.  I didn't think that it this was odd, but apparently some people do.  I mean, I know that I have extra long arms but I am not a banana guzzling monkey!


Cameryn has a virus.  My child is the queen of the virus.  We knew something was going on when,

1) She refused to participate in her graduation ceremony on Saturday.  She was so excited for graduation but cried and cried when it was show time.  I didn't make her participate.  She's two - she'll graduate again!  Plus, they did a really sweet slide show and instead of looking like a total loon and sobbing while watching the slideshow, I was able to sit and snuggle with Cam.  And cry.  They grow up too fast.
2)  She wanted to watch Shrek.  She loves Shrek.  Something about that green ogre is comforting to her.  So when she says, "I want to watch Shrek!" we know that a visit to the doctor is in our near future.

Anyway, she has a virus that includes a nasty cough and a fever that refuses to respond to fever reducers.  Seriously, an hour after taking them her temp is actually higher than it was before taking meds.  Ridiculous.  Last night her temp got up to 105, thankfully, it came down about a half hour later otherwise I would have been making a midnight run to the ER. 


I bake when I get stir crazy.  Does anyone else do this?  Yesterday, after starting Shrek 2 for the third time, I went to the kitchen and made a banana cream pie (is there a stereotype for people who put bananas in their pie?).  I had my one slice.  I don't even know if Chris likes banana cream pie so if anyone wants pie, feel free to head our way.

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