4:17 PM

Friday night we braved the thunderstorm, went to Lowe's, and picked up the paint for the house and tile for the kitchen backsplash!  I went with white subway tiles and a very light green glass accent tile.  I am really excited to get started on some design!


Saturday afternoon after a trip to the library and a nap, we met Shana, Brad, and her three kids for ice cream.  We have not hung out together in far too long, which seems weird since we live so close to each other and email/text/call everyday, but getting the crew all in one place can be difficult! We ended up enjoying ice cream and then playing on the playground back at Brad's, and then, finally, back to our place for dinner, kid-friendly slushies, and parent-friendly margaritas!

Cameryn was so excited to have her friends over!  She ran to her closet and grabbed her dress so she could show Shana her "wedding dress."  Later, because Carson had a dress on ( I found it in my closet and passed to her, that girl has legs a mile long!), Cameryn had to put hers on too!  How cute are these girls?  They grow up way too fast.  I remember when both Carson and Lexie were born, and now I have built in babysitters! 

Shrek 3 was on and Cameryn loves Shrek!  Shrek is like her comfort food.  Seriously.  I know when Cameryn is getting sick because she asks to watch Shrek.  No, she wasn't sick on Saturday, but she wasn't passing up an opportunity to watch Shrek either!  Blaine and Cameryn shared a bowl of Special K Red Berries cereal, without the red berries, while Lexie took on the role of annoying big sister.

Blaine set up a movie theater using the chairs from the table. 
Doesn't it look like they are holding hands?

Hanging out with Shana and Brad was long overdue!  We had such a nice time and we all agreed that we need to do it more often! 


The Great Dress Debate of 2011 continues.  We found a great dress from David's Bridal (online only) and ordered it in the cornflower blue, which is very pretty. 
But, being the Gamecock fans that they are, Shana and Brad are now thinking they want us to wear garnet (or red, because that's what the dress comes in), which mean that we will return yet another dress.  Sigh.  The wedding is in 26 days so those love birds better make up their minds quickly!

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