Bits of nothing.

12:40 PM

The questions about the world have started. Don't get me wrong, I love two year olds and their inquisitive minds, however, the questions are exhausting! This morning on our 5 mile drive to the library Cameryn asked approximately 10,963 questions in one breath.

"Where is that car going? What is he going to do? Is he a good guy? Is the policeman coming? Is that car going home? Is that one going to the library? Where are the baby cows? Did the rain go away? Do they have lion books at their house? Where is Daddy? Why is he at home?"

I could barely attempt to answer one question before the next round started. Exhausting.


We found six baby raccoons under Cameryn's slide but inside the playhouse. They were only a few days old, their eyes weren't even open! Originally we called Animal Control to come remove them but they were gone for the day. The more we thought about it we realized we had no choice. We had to remove and relocate them because Mama Raccoon was going to come back as the sun went down and if the dog was outside, Mama Raccoon would fight to her death protecting her babies. So, Chris armed himself with a golf club (he doesn't golf. Ever. All his clubs have been inherited) and gloves and put the babies in a bucket. Cameryn and I stood on the deck watching for Mama, just in case. We did show Cam a baby Raccoon though. We relocated them in the woods, unfortunately a ways from our house and from their mom. I doubt that they will survive. Sad, really. But this Mama has to protect her young too.


Last night, I sat down with a good book (Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella... so cute! Read it!), and chilled glass of wine, the clouds were angry and storming, Chris and Cam were cuddled up on the couch, and I was so content. Contentment was a welcomed feeling after such an emotional week.

Happy Saturday!


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