10:10 AM

Ah, Wednesday. 
The middle of the week.
You know what that means...
Time for another round of What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie!

I'm Loving my sweet Mother's Day gifts from Cameryn.
A pink lollipop daisy plant in a bright pink pot.
She painted a flower vase (with some help from her Daddy!) and then added a daisy.
And, of course, a yard flamingo. 

 I'm Loving this silly girl.

I'm Loving my nightly runs.
Cameryn decided to join me last night -
it was nice to have someone to talk to so that I could keep a nice pace!
However, it was a lot easier when she was younger (and lighter!)

I'm Loving that Shana and Brad are getting married in 6 weeks!
No, I don't have my dress yet, but Shana does! 
However, I LOVE going to bridal stores so finding a dress should be fun!
Let the wedding madness begin!

What are you loving today?

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