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Today is the first round of What I'm Loving Wednesday in May! 
 WOW!  Where have the months gone? 
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Today, I'm loving my sweet St. Bernard, Raider. 
He's the most gentle dog that I have ever met.
For 10+ years he has captured my heart with his big, black nose...
His big, goofy feet.
His crazy high pitched bark that sounds off when he gets excited.
The way that he runs around like a little dog.
The way that he knows exactly how I am feeling.
Today, like everyday, I love him.
But, today, I am sad.
Because he's showing his age more and more everyday.
And I'm not prepared for that dreadful day in the way-too-near future when I will have to say goodbye.
So, today, I dedicate this round of WILW to the hairy, gentle giant that stole my heart.

I love that you were once a mere 13 lbs.
Your adult head weighs 11!

I love that you have no idea how big you really are.

I love you can be a beach dog when you'd rather be in the snow.

I love that you are so gentle and patient in everything that you do.

 I love how excited you get when it snows. 

I love this sweet face and all of the joy that you have brought to my life in 10+ years.

Yes, I devoted an entire post to my dog. 
I love him. 
He's old.
And last night I sat and cried because I know that our days are numbered.
Though his heart and mind are young,
His bones are old.
He's struggling more and more.
But he'll always be my first big dog love.
Today, I love my dog.

What are you loving today?

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