Subway Design

9:52 AM

No, not the sandwich joint.. Kitchen tile! 
We are going to add a backsplash to our kitchen and I think that I want to go simple and just do plain white subway tile with some green, blue, or gray glass tile accents.  We have white kitchen cabinets, gray countertops, with a creamy white tile floor (to hide dirt!)  I'm planning on painting the kitchen too, and I'm thinking about painting either a soft green or a creamy neutral like Sherwin Williams Blonde to go with the tile floor.  I need your help on this because I have NO design eye what-so-ever.  What do you think?  Too much white?

I'm loving these kitchens...


I've always wanted one of these farmhouse sinks!

I love the simplicity of this kitchen.


How fun is this backsplash?!  I would totally do this if I knew that I would have my kitchen forever and ever.

And, finally, just because this would be so much fun in a bathroom...

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