9:25 AM

Shana's wedding is in 37 days
She has a dress. 
Jesse (the other maid) and I do not. 
Okay, let me rephrase that - we have a dress, we just don't like the dress and since Shana is allowing us to pick the dress, we need to like the dress. 
The problem? 
The wedding is in 37 days, which doesn't leave a lot of time for ordering, shipping, and alterations, if necessary.
This is the (short) dress that Shana really liked, but in order for it to arrive on time it is slightly out of budget. 

We decided to order this dress in ink blue.  The dress is very pretty, but not very flattering on Jesse or myself and since we prefer not to look like pigs in a blanket, we will only wear them as a last resort.
So, we're back at square one. 
Any ideas?  The only requirement is that the dress is reasonably priced and that it is blue.  Well, and that we like them, but we are open to any ideas!

(And, did I mention that the wedding is in 37 days?!)

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