10:06 AM

Husband read my blog and he said, "I have a name you know, it's Chris."  So there you have it.  Blog world, Chris.  Chris, blog world.  Please don't get confused if I accidentally refer to Chris / Husband as "Search."  That is what I call him sometimes because when we were in college every other person we met was named Chris, so everyone just called him Search.  Works for me!

My child does not sleep at night.  She never has and sometimes I wonder if she ever will.  And don't tell me to let her cry it out.  It doesn't work.  She is THAT kid.  The kid who will cry for 2 hours in the middle of the night because she wants someone to come into her room and rock her.  I love my munchkin.  I love snuggling with her.  I do not love snuggling with her for 2 hours at 2am. 

Friday night was one of those nights and I got about 3 hours of sleep, while Chris snored away.  I would have loved to sleep in, but we had a charity breakfast to go to and I do love pancakes!  The breakfast was put on by our local Harley Davidson dealer for a children's charity and Cameryn had more fun looking at the motorcycles than she did eating pancakes.  She wanted to sit on all of the motorcycles in the parking lot so after breakfast we went over to the Harley dealer where she and her daddy could drool over the Fat Boy Low.

I attempted to take a nap when we got home.  Chris was nice enough to watch Cameryn.  However, when Chris and Cameryn get together it's like the Jeff Corwin experience.  There I was dozing off and I hear little footsteps, followed by squeals of delight from Cameryn and a laugh from Chris, and she comes into my bedroom with a frog.  A frog that she found outside and just had to show her sleepy mommy.  I sent them back outside.  She decided to show the dog too.  She loves Porter.


Saturday afternoon my mom and Uncle Gregg came to visit for round 2 of Cameryn's birthday!  My mom spoils Cameryn and had loads of gifts for her.  Cameryn was so excited because my mom wrapped them in Dora paper!  After Cameryn opened her gifts we all loaded up and went to a local farm to visit the animals and get a pumpkin.  We had a great afternoon, the weather was beautiful!  However, let me just say that I saw one too many women dressed up for a farm.  Seriously, who walks around dirt and farm animals in Tod's?
(I don't have any pictures of Saturday afternoon because I haven't uploaded them from the camera yet.)

Saturday night we sat down with homemade chili and watched our Gamecocks play.  Sigh.  That was a terrible call by Spurrier and I, along with the rest of Gamecock nation, was so disappointed.  But, as a Carolina fan, it's just typical.  Either way, I love my Gamecocks!!

Sunday we went to the fair!  I love the fair.  The sights, the smells, the people!  Cameryn was more excited about seeing the animals than anything else.  She deperately wanted to feed the baby hee-haw, aka donkey, but the baby donkey just didn't want anything to do with people.  Cameryn had such a great time running and marching at the fair.  She was in awe of all of the lights and sounds.  My Uncle had a great time playing the games at the fair and he won Cameryn a Shrek.  She loves this green ogre.

She really wanted to ride the carousel but she wasn't tall enough.  Maybe next year!

And then there's this: 
A Doughnut bacon cheeseburger.  Chris and my Uncle checked them out but weren't brave enough to clog their arteries with it.  So gross.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home (because my kid wasn't excited enough about the fair!)  We were all exhausted when we got home last night.  I really enjoyed our weekend!

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