8:58 AM

WOW!  What a weekend!

GO GAMECOCKS!  I have never been more proud of the boys in Garnet and Black! 
Gamecocks.  2010.  Believe! 
The victory against (then #1) Alabama still seems slightly surreal.  I just hope that we can continue along this path.  Because that is what you learn being a Carolina fan, as quickly as the sweet taste of victory comes, the next game we may show up throwing the ball like we've never laid hands on a pigksin before.  But, for right now, this town is electric with Gamecocks flags flying and an occasional Cock-A-Doodle-Doo.

We celebrated Cameryn's second birthday this weekend with family and a few friends.  Friday she received her first present, a kitchen!  She saw the big box when she came home and told Husband, "Now.  Open."  Of course, he obliged.

We didn't tell Cameryn anything about her party or that her cousin's were coming (they came late Friday night and she was already asleep.)  Saturday morning she woke up and found two of her cousins in the living room and she was SO excited!  And then Pop-Pop and Grammy showed up!  And Nana!  And Uncle Zach, and (cousin) Quinn... and the list goes on and on.  She was through the moon!   We had strawberry cupcakes with Dora and Mickey Mouse heads on them and a Diego candle that she picked out herself.

We had a really difficult time making her sit down and open presents, she was just too busy!  Luckily, the timing was perfect because cake and presents were done by the time that the USC/ Alabama game started (GO GAMECOCKS!)  The kids were really great and didn't complain once about football being on, until 6:30.  So, we sent them to watch cartoons in our bedroom.  They didn't come out until they heard all of the adults screaming with excitement!

Cameryn, Cousin Bryce, and BFF Madison

Sunday we went to the zoo.  The kids had a blast!  Cameryn loves riding the carousel but is afraid of riding on the animals that go up and down.  We started off on the stationary giraffe and then I was forced to sit in the giant peacock on the bench... BORING! 

We also fed the lorakeets.  My hair apparently makes a great nest because one of the lorakeets decided to call my head home for ten minutes.  Luckily I was able to get it off before it pooped on me.  We spent nearly two hours in the zoo before the kids were ready to go.  We headed home, had lunch, and said goodbye to our family.  Cameryn and I napped for two hours after everyone left!  We had a fantastic weekend!  I can't believe that Cameryn will be two this week!


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