Doctor's, Doctor's and more Doctor's

11:22 AM

I have visited a doctor every other week for 6 weeks. 

Cameryn has been fighting a virus for weeks.  First, it was the disgusting stomach flu.  That was fun.  Those people that say that "it's different when your own kid throws up."  They lied.  I still turned my head and plugged my nose every time.  She HATED throwing up in her "bucket" and much preferred the floor.  Luckily it lasted about 36 hours and it was gone by the time that the weekend came.   The following weekend she woke up from her nap and had a temperature of 102, which is not a fun way to spend the first humidity free weekend in South Carolina.  Off to the doctor we went, thinking it was an ear infection.  She was tested for strep throat because her mouth looked like it was hijacked by a pitcher of red kool-aid.  The diagnosis?  Viral.  The fever went away the next day.  Like clockwork, it returned the following Sunday.  Luckily, it was AFTER her birthday party with her cousins and her BFF.  Her temperature was 104 and she was lethargic.  The doctor tested her for strep.  Negative.  Tonsilitis.  Negative.  Mono.  Negative.  She called my child The Queen of the Virus and sent me home with a pat on the back telling me to hang in there.  After 3 days, I went back to work and Cameryn went back to school.  Friday night she's laying on the couch, quiet, not moving.  Itttttttttttt's baaaaaaaaack. 

I thought I would scream.  Instead I drank wine.  Because that is what good mom's do when their kids get sick.  We find the nearest bottle of wine and drink it.  Straight from the bottle.   

Saturday, Sunday, no fever.  Monday?  Yep, there it was.  A shiny 101 on the thermometer. 
I've had enough.  Get away from my child!  There is light at the end of the tunnel... We go back to the doctor today for Cameryn's 2-Year Check-Up.  Never mind that I know how much she weighs or how tall she is.  I know that she is in the 75% for weight and off the charts for height.  Great, fine.  Let's talk about what's really going on and figure out why my child has now had a fever for 4 weeks. 

Chris had all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday (Another doctor.  2 times in one day.)  He was still numb and a little loopy when I picked him up.  I had a good laugh driving his chipmunk cheeks home while he was poking at his chin saying, "It's numb.  Look (poke, poke), I can't feel my chin!"  Last night, he was flat out ornery with pain.  I feel terrible for him and I hope that he has a speedy recovery.  Cameryn does too.  This morning, I told Cameryn that "Daddy was sick."  She said, "Daddy sick?"  and then took off in a sprint to our bedroom yelling, "Daddy, waaaaakkke uuuuup!"  He woke up, got out of bed and took a pain pill.  I'm sure he's relieved that we're gone for the day.

Off to the doctor we go.  Have a great day!

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