The Fever

4:00 PM

Many of my friends have children the same age as Cameryn.  Many of them are pregnant; I know at least seven people who are pregnant right now (and there probably more who just aren't ready to fess up) or have just had their second child.  And they all keep asking, "Isn't it about time for you to have another one?" 

I love hearing what names people choose for their child.  I love shopping for baby things and going to baby showers.  I love going to the hospital and seeing the glowing Mom and scared Dad, but mostly I just love to hold those sweet babies and inhale all of their pureness.  They are soft, and squishy, and warm.  My favorite thing?  Picking them up and watching them curl their little legs back up in the fetal position.  Ahh, so sweet!

I'll admit it, I have baby fever.  I do want another child.  I think about what name I would give them (trust me, if you knew my husband you'd know why I have to start thinking about this now.  He wanted to name our child Neo.  Like Neo from The Matrix.)  I wonder if I could handle two children.  I wonder if I would ever sleep again.  I wonder if Cameryn would be sweet to the baby or if she would try to carry them around in a headlock like she does to her babydoll.   I wonder how I could possibly love another child as much as I do Cam. 

But I'm a planner, I have to plan these things.  And we can't do it now, really.  I have to wait until December for my yearly check-up before I can think about trying for another one.  Due to past issues, I'm at risk for bedrest because I could have a weak cervix.  I barely scraped by with Cameryn. 

Let's say everything goes well in December, we could start trying in January.  But, that month is out.  I got prego with Cam in January (on the first try) and I don't want my babies to be born in the same month.  February and March are out too, because that puts the baby born around the holidays and honestly, that's just too much going on every year because Cam's birthday is in October and Chris's birthday is in December.  I want each birthday to be special!

Maybe April, May or June?  At least them I wouldn't be big and pregnant in the South Carolina summer.  I guess that I should start banking my PTO at work (there's wishful thinking!) since being preg requires weekly visits to the doctor for a check up.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to get my baby fix shopping for baby shower gifts and inhaling the sweet scent of my BFF's new little guy.  Come to think of it, I should probably start banking sleep too....

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