Three-Ring Circus

10:30 AM

This week has been slightly crazy. 

My computer at work crashed for no apparent reason and after 2 hours with IT I discovered that they didn't have any better ideas than I did on what the problem was.  Yesterday I spent the entire day fixing the computer on my own.  Just add 'IT' to the end of my (growing) title.  I should mention that in my review on Friday.

I took my phone to Verizon because I was sent a replacement and I was having trouble figuring out how to activate it (yes, I do see the irony that I can fix my computer but not my phone).  The dude took my phone, transferred everything over and sent me on my way.  I was in and out in less than twenty minutes and super impressed -until I realized that my contacts were transferred but none of their phone numbers did.  Argh.  So I posted on FB that I didn't have any phone numbers and if my [so-called] friends wanted me to have their number that they should message me.  No one did.  That's promising.  It's official - I'm A Loser.

Last night Chris had to work late.  Here's what he missed:

"Mommy, I want some O's."
"Okay.  Cameryn, we're going to have dinner soon so you can only have a few O's." 
"Mommy, I want O's and bear cookies.  I want 4 bear cookies."
"No, Cameryn, you cannot have bear cookies."

[Insert ten minute two-year-old meltdown here.]

**Thirty minutes later.**

"Cameryn, let's sit down at the table.  It's time for dinner."
"Okay, Mommy.  I want french fries." 
"No, Cameryn.  We're having chicken, broccoli, and applesauce."

[Insert ten minute two-year-old meltdown here.]
** Thirty minutes later, after dinner.**

"Mommy, I want a diaper for my baby.  Please."
"Okay, Cameryn, you may have this one."
"NO.   MOMMY.  I.  WANT.  THIS.  ONE.  AND.  I.  WANT.  FOUR."
"Cameryn, you may have this diaper for your baby.  Only one."

[Insert twenty-five minute full on tantrum here.]

I know he's disappointed that he missed those moments.

Cameryn has discovered that she is able to get out of her bed.  Multiple times during the night I hear little feet running thru our house, into our bedroom, and then BOOM (as she trips over one of the dogs), followed by a smack to my face.  "Mommy, wake up."  Now, it's one thing that she smacks me in the face, it's another that she does this 3-4x a night.  Last night I pulled her into bed with me, hoping that would make her go back to sleep.  I have never done that before.  I doubt I will again.  She kicked and moved around and talked for two hours.  She even pretended to pop imaginary bubbles on my pillow. 
This also woke up the dog.  Who wanted to go outside and then back inside 10 minutes later.  Then the dog had several very noisy hack-up-the-hair-ball moments.
Chris slept through it all.  As usual.
I finally walked her back to her room at 5:45am (because she was pulling my hair) and I told her that she had to stay in her room until it was time to wake up.  She followed directions this time.  She sat on the floor of her room knocking on her door until I let her out at 6:20.  I really hope that this stage doesn't last long.  And I really hope that at some point she involves her Daddy in her nightime shenanigans. 

Until then, come one, come all.  The three ring circus is at my house.

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