A Bunch of Nothing

4:38 PM

First, I apologize for the poor picture quality of all pictures in this post as they were taken with my phone.  A new camera is definitely on my Christmas wish list this year!

Our weekend consisted of a bunch of nothing.  Cameryn woke up early Saturday morning and we attempted to all climb back into our bed, but Cameryn didn't want to do anything but wiggle around and watch cartoons.  Chris went to work Saturday afternoon, so Cameryn and I spent most of the day doing this:

 Cameryn really wanted to spend the day in her moneky pj's but I finally convinced her to put on her (super cute!) USC dress so we could venture outdoors (with Shrek of course):

Speaking of the Gamecocks, we FINALLY won on the road!  Woohoo!  We haven't won a road game since 2008 so winning at Vanderbilt was a great momentum booster for our guys.  We must win the next three games ( vs. TN, vs Arkansas, @ Florida) in order for us to play for the SEC title in Atlanta (which we have never done before!)  Unless GA wins this weekend @ Florida.  That would allow us to lose 2 of our 3 remaining SEC games and still win the East since we beat GA back in September.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed because our game on Saturday wasn't pretty.  But I'll take it over a loss any day.

Sunday I woke up and found bite marks on Cameryn's crib.  My child was apparently trying to knaw her way out.  I really wanted to skip the toddler bed but felt like it was a better option than having a chewed up crib, so Chris and I tackled the toddler bed conversion early Sunday morning.  Cameryn wasn't thrilled.  She doesn't adapt to change well and we normally try to prepare her for a big change, but we just went for it and paid the price later.  She only napped for an hour and it took us an hour and a half to get her to sleep Sunday night.  I'm sure that she will get used to it by the end of the week. 

Cameryn decided that she wanted to wear part of her Halloween costume while watching Diego on Sunday.  Because Diego had a lion and therefore Cameryn wanted to be a lion.

Cameryn loves flowers.  She calls the buds "baby flowers."  Chris was trimming the rose bush (it's seriously the largest rose bush ever) and he gave Cameryn a rose that was past its prime.  She held onto it all afternoon and into the evening.

We went to Pets, Inc. Sunday afternoon.  Pets, Inc. is a wonderful facility that rescues all kinds of animals from euthanization at other shelters or just the ones that are lost on the road.  They had two Bassett Hounds that they named Hitch and Hike who were wandering along the road.  They were taken to another shelter and were about to be euthanized when Pets, Inc. rescued them.  I fell in love with them and cried when we left because I just wanted to take them home!  They were just so sweet!  We will definitely go back and adopt a dog from them when we are ready for another pet.  I'm not a cat person, but this cat was super sweet and I actually liked her!  Chris and Cameryn would really like a cat, but I'm allergic and after a few minutes with this sweet faced feline, I had to leave because my eyes were watering and my head was starting to hurt. 

I really enjoyed our lazy weekend but I am also looking forward to Halloween on Sunday!  I know that Cameryn is going to love it!  She is already carrying around her pumpkin treat bag saying, "Candy!  Treat!  Treat!"  I hope our neighbors stocked up on smarties!

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