3:00 PM

Have you ever met someone who cannot unplug?  Someone who, no matter where they are, must be connected to something that runs on a battery and has contact with the outside world?  

I do. 

Facebook, Facebook games, pictures, movies, songs, TMZ, CNN, random sites, random information...  And that's just on a computer.  But then there are phones with free apps galore.  Free games.  Free random information.  Free random quotes. 



Unplug yourself. 

Walk away from the computer.  Put your phone down.   Make an effort to be there, really 110% there, when people that you know and care about are around.  Talk to them.  Be a part of their lives.  Spend quality time with them.  Moments are precious and rare, are you making the memories that you should? 

Unplug yourself, people.  Live in the moment.

I know where you put your power cords.

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