Halloween (Minus Pictures), plus Blurbs

11:35 AM

Cameryn and I went to her BFF's neighborhood to Trick or Treat with Madison and her dad, Spam (his real name is Chris, we call him Spam, long story) since Chris and Stephanie (mom to Madison, wifey to Spam) had to work.  Cameryn was like a seasoned pro and took off running out of the door saying, "Trick or Treat!"  Her BFF, Madison 'The Monkey', wasn't sure about it at first but as soon as she figured out that they were putting candy in her bucket, she had a great time!  Madison liked to ride in the wagon, but Cameryn refused and when we asked if she wanted to ride she would say, "No, thank you.  I walk."  She kept her costume on the entire time - I was so proud of her.  

(No, I don't have any pics uploaded from our camera yet.  Don't hate.)

Of course Chris and I raided inspected (and then hid) the candy after Cameryn went to sleep.   She had quite a selection; I was shocked that she didn't choose smarties at every house! 


When I was little I wore the same Halloween costume for 8 years.  I am not kidding.  I was a witch, with a cape and a hat.  My mom made the cape and recently she tried to give it to Cameryn.  I told her no.  I am sure that I hurt her feelings but I saw that same costume for 8 years.  I have seen it enough!

I noticed so many people driving their kids around the neighborhood.  These are probably the same people who sit around and wonder why they are fat while raiding their kids candy buckets.  Hmmm...  Rocket science.

My parents didn't chaperone us after we were old enough to look both ways when crossing the road.  They would send us off and running with pillowcases to collect candy while they sat in the driveway and drank beer.  My parents and their friends always had a little cook out the night of Halloween and they would hand out hotdogs and soda to the kids instead of candy.  That kind of thing is non-existent these days thanks to all of the weirdos out there who want to ruin Halloween with botched candy while getting their rocks off watching kids who aren't theirs.  It's really a shame.  Freakin' weirdos. 

I'm not a big Halloween person, it's never been one of my favorite holidays.  And I certainly don't understand adults in costumes while their kids trick or treat.  It just seems creepy to me.  To each their own.


Saturday was our "college reunion" game with our friends.  Chris had to work and my mom bailed on me as a babysitter (yes, I am just slightly bitter) so we didn't go.  I really, really, REALLY want to go next year.  We skipped our beach reunion trip this year too, so it has been 2 years since we have seen these people.  I hate that.  The group did go downtown after the game and I, being the super nice wife that I am, stayed home with Cameryn while Chris went downtown to see everyone.  I'm really glad that he was able to spend time with our friends, and yes, I'm also jealous that he was able to leave the house kid-free after dark and divulge in adult conversation and drinks that don't involve sippy cups.


I have one pair of jeans that I wore before Cameryn that I haven't been able to put my big toe in since she was born.  I have gone through my closet and given things to charity countless times since her birth, but I have never been able to put them in that box.  Sometimes, like yesterday, I try them on for shits and giggles.  and OMG. they. fit.  I have no idea why.  I certainly haven't been doing any exercise (wait, does vacumming and laundry count?), but hey, whatever it is, works! 
Go me!


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