Weekend Recap

10:14 AM

I started putting out Christmas decorations on Friday night.  I collect snowmen and I have tons and tons of them, but I chose carefully and only put out my absolute favorites.  I felt like the house would be too cluttered between all of the decorations and Cameryn's toys.  I just love them!

My mom buys those crazy animated singing Christmas toys.  We must have ten of them.  I picked three and put them out for Cameryn.  She lines them all up, turns them on, and sings along.  It's totally obnoxious.  But she likes it, so whatever.

Last year my mom got this crazy reindeer on a stick that moves its head around and sings "Jingle Bell Rock."  Cameryn was terrified of it and would run away crying when we brought it out.  I ended up just hanging it on the door upstairs to our guest room.  My mom was visiting this weekend and Cameryn was on her way upstairs with her - I was a little hesitant about the reindeer, but Cameryn was totally enamored with it!   She tortured my mom's dogs with it and chased them around for two days.  Poor things!

My mom bought Cameryn an "Elf on the Shelf."  Cameryn was okay with it at first.  She named it "Toot" and gave it a hug.  When we explained to her that the Elf was watching her during the day and reporting to Santa Claus at night she freaked out.  "No, Elf!  No, Santa!  No thank you!  Elf no watch me!"  She would sit on the couch and watch that little Elf out of the corner of her eye, like it was going to jump off the mantle and attack her.  Poor girl.  I moved the Elf last night and this morning when she found it in its new spot she said, "No Elf!  I scared!"  Hopefully she'll get used to him soon, otherwise we may have to put the Elf away and try again next year.  I don't want to ruin the whole Santa experience for her. 

My mom got Cameryn the Little People Christmas story scenes.  They are precious!  We let her have the "Inn at Bethlehem" and we talked a little about it.  We have the "Three Wise Men" and the "Nativity" sets as well.  Since Baby Jesus isn't in the "Inn at Bethlehem" set Cameryn took another baby and placed him in the stable.  So cute! 

When I was little we had a wooden Nativity set.  My mom would set it up and then someone would get to hide baby Jesus until Christmas morning.  However, if someone found Baby Jesus then that person would get to re-hide him.  We did this for years.  That poor baby would end up in someones shoe, the tree, the dog food, the toilet, riding the donkey in the stable.  We had a lot of fun with it.  Until someone re-hid him and "forgot" where they put him.  We never found him.  I guess we could borrow a baby from Cameryn's Little People.  Or maybe I should just get my mom a new Nativity Set.

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