10:34 AM

We had a whole bunch of nothing planned for the weekend since Chris had to work.  I like it like that!

Friday night we went over to Spam and Stephanie's house for dinner and wine.  Our friend, Bethany, came over too and we had a great time catching up while Cam and Madison ran around like crazy women.  I haven't seen Bethany in a long time, it's been about 6 months, which is sad considering that we live in the same city!  She is one of the most cheerful people that I know and is a lot of fun to be around.  I have missed talking with her so much!  Chris and Spam made us manicotti and canoli.  Well, let's be honest, Spam made it, Chris supervised.  It was SO yummy!  Thanks, boys!

Saturday, Cameryn and I stuck close to home.  I had some cleaning that I needed to get done before we have company this week, not to mention plies of laundry.  How does a family of three end up with so much laundry?  I think that I did 8 loads this weekend.
We have had disgusting little mice in our house.  Chris wanted to be humane about it and get traps that don't kill them.  So, we caught one and by accident released it in the backyard (we didn't know for sure that it was in the trap because we couldn't see if anything was inside) and it promptly came back the same night.  We caught another mouse, Chris released it and watched it run far, far away across the street.  We really thought that would be the end of Mousegate 2010, but apparently those little buggers had decided to call our house home.  I found droppings inside of Cam's Little People barn in our family room! The damn things thought that it was like a funhouse for them!  So gross.  They also moved on from our laundry room, ran across the house and decided that the closet in the foyer was a warm and cozy place to shack up.  Chris said that we should just get a cat and let the cat kill the mouse family.  Since I'm allergic to cats and I don't want mice guts everywhere, I convinced Mr. Animal Planet (aka Chris) that people can kill mice, that it's part of the Circle of Life.  We have had success with the new traps and no other mice have been seen.  I am so glad that they are gone. Mice so disgusting.

We played outside on Saturday afternoon after Cameryn's nap.  It was SUCH a beautiful day!  There is nothing better than seeing a Carolina blue sky.

Gamecock fans were definitely feeling more than a little blue after the Arkansas game on Saturday night.  Sigh.  USC has a lot of work to do before going to the Swamp this weekend with hopes of winning the SEC East.  I really don't want to be Gator meat.  Again.

Sunday it was still cold but we went outside for two hours anyway.  The poor girl was wearing three layers because she insisted that she wear her Phillies jacket.  Cameryn kept running to the top of the hill and saying, "I UP HERE!"

We put Cameryn to sleep a little early last night.  She has been struggling with sleep since putting her in her toddler bed.  My child is 2 years old.  She really should sleep through the night.  But she doesn't.  She wakes up and cries.  And cries and screams.  Not just once, but multiple times.  Most of the time she will wake up and cry and stay in her room.  The past few nights she has decided to come and wake me up herself.  Apart from putting a lock on her door, I am really not sure what to do.  Any ideas?

Something very exciting happened today that I am not able to tell you about yet.  And tomorrow will be a great day too!  I'll tell you soon, I promise! 

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