Loss. Hope.

10:48 AM

I have a heavy heart.  I am angry at God. 

I know that I shouldn't be, but I am. 

A dear friend of mine lost her baby girl at 32.5 weeks.  
She and her husband have wanted another child for so long and have struggled with miscarriage before.   But never, never this far along.  This baby girl was the twinkle in her father's eye.  The joy in her mother's heart.  And without warning, she is gone.  But most of all the dreams that existed for this child, even before her birth, have been shattered.

I know that He has a plan, that I should believe in his plan.  I know that He will not guide us down the wrong path.  Loss is hard.  His gifts are plentiful.  Each morning I should be thankful for the gifts that surround me.  The changing of the leaves.  The crisp fall air.  A roof over my head.  The love of my sweet husband.  My beautiful child.

Loss is hard, but we must Hope. 

And pray. 

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