'Tis the Season

10:51 AM

I love the Holiday's.  I love the warm and fuzzy feelings.  The glitter.  The bows.  The cold weather.  The food.  The lights.  The sounds.  The people in ugly sweaters.  I love shopping for gifts (at 4am on Black Friday!) and wrapping presents.  I love sitting around the tree on Christmas day and opening each gift one by one. 

I do not, however, love figuring out what to give people for Christmas.  I have mixed feelings about gift cards.  I love getting them.  I hate giving them.  I feel like the gifts that I give should be more personal.  I think about what people have said in passing - things they would really love to have one day.  I spend hours surfing the internet for the perfect gift for each of my family and friends and scour the store shelves on my lunch breaks.  I wonder each and every time I purchase something if they will like it because I don't want to give them something that they have to return.  Have you seen the return lines after Christmas?  Awful.  I love to shop.  I hate returning things.  I can only imagine how terrible it is for the Scrooge's who hate shopping and then they have to return something.  And please, don't give me that line, "Oh don't worry, I love everything that I receive!"  It's such a load of crap.  I have never seen one person enjoy every gift that they are given.  Let's be honest here, some gifts are so much better than others.

So, let's make everyone happy.  Make a list.   Please.

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