Pass the tissues, please.

10:41 AM

Cameryn is two.  Most of the time she talks like a four year old; her vocabulary and comprehension amaze me daily.  She's opinionated.  Stubborn.  Independent.  Sweet.  Caring.  She's turning into such a big girl, much more quickly than I would like.  Sometimes I just want to shrink her and bottle her up and save her and all of these rare, precious moments.

Other times, yeah, not so much.  For example....

Last night she was crying and miserable because I told her she couldn't have a blue lollipop.  She cried for thirty minutes in her "safe place" by the front door.  (She always goes and sits on the rug by the front door when she gets very upset.  Sometimes she'll just walk over there and cry for no reason.)  I ignored her.  And ten minutes later, forty minutes total, I thought I was going to have to down the bottle of wine in my fridge because she was still screaming and crying about the damn lollipop (but it was National Margarita Day, so I didn't have any wine because that would have been disrespectful to the day.  Come to think of it, I didn't have a margarita either.  Shame on me.) 

But, the rest of the night was great.  She was her normal silly and cheerful self.  We read books for an hour and a half.  She would bring me a book and say, "This one is my favvvvvvorite!"  I laughed each and every time, she has a lot of favorite books!  She would give me a hug and kiss after each book (which is rare these days.)  Such a sweet, sweet girl.  I rocked her for a few extra minutes last night after the last book before bed.  I just wanted to hold on and savor that moment to breathe her in.  Just me and her.  Cuddled up.  Sleepy.

This morning Chris dropped her off at school and she was rushed right into her class because they were practicing for graduation.  Graduation.  She's two.  And she's practicing for graduation. Uggggggggggggh.   I get teary just writing the word.  She's graduating to the big building at school, where the three year olds go.  Chris said that she was being a very good listener (again, rare these days) and did not play with her friends who were excited that she arrived at school.  She just stood in line and listened to her teacher. 


I'm going to be crying my eyes out at two year old graduation. 

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