Wednesday Ramblings.

11:12 AM

Today is Groundhog Day.  Phil didn't see his shadow and predicted an early spring.  Since I crave sunshine, that's a really good thing.  But let's be honest here, the groundhog didn't do anything but come out of his little box and stand there and look cute.  Those creepy guys in top hats that would rather have lived in Abe Lincoln's time?  Yeah, they decided in advance what would happen and then give credit (or blame!) ole Phil.  Personally, I think the tradition is a little odd and I've never really bought into the whole groundhog prediction.  If you've ever been to SC you know that February will be cold and then it gets hot in March.  So, shadow or no shadow?  Spring will be in SC by March.  But, I guess for the people in PA who have to dig their way out of snow drifts 6 months out of the year, that little groundhog gives them some hope.


I try to keep healthy snacks at my desk at work and I get tired of snacking on the same things all the time.  Sometimes the fruit bowl just doesn't look that great, you know?  Anyway, someone told me to try Kashi cereal.  So I did - it tasted like cardboard and had the same texture and smell as the dry dog food I give to Raider and Porter.  I gave that box away pretty quickly!  Yesterday I skipped the fruit bowl and the greek yogurt and I found myself standing in the cereal aisle.  I put on my big girl panties and decided to try again, and I picked up another box of Kashi.  Surprisingly, it's actually pretty yummy.  Low sugar, high protein, doesn't taste like cardboard or smell like dog food.  These Kashi people could be on to something.


3 mile run + sinus pressure (my face hurts, people)....  Yes, definitely not my best idea.  Last night I felt pretty terrible, but today my face doesn't feel like those green people from the Mucinex commercials have decided to build their own colony in there.  So that's a good thing.


I have found myself watching the National Geographic channel more and more.  Not for the nature stuff, but for Alaska State Troopers!  I'm hooked.  Some of the villages can only be reached by air and they are only required to have officers 3 days a month... Fascinating. 

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