Friday, Oh, Friday.

10:20 AM

This has been one of those weeks.  You know, where you go through the motions of the day, sometimes slightly more clear headed than others but mostly you just feel like you're floating thru outer space with no chance of ever getting back to the station?  No?  Never?  Eh, must just be me then.

Geez.  Just a warning, incoherent rambling is in the near future. 

What the heck is my deal?  Maybe it's the two cups of coffee that I have had everyday this week (I normally have just one.)  Or maybe it's the crazy weather we have had.  Or maybe its because I'm a little stressed about some decisions that we may have to make in the next few weeks.   Sigh.  Who the heck knows.  I'm female.  I can't even figure myself out.  Anyhow, I just want to feel normal again instead of like some space alien from planet x.  Seriously, I haven't felt this, well, stupid, since I was pregnant.  (And, no, I'm not.)

Yesterday sucked.  I totally screwed up appointments on my calendar.  As in, I sent the wrong invites to the wrong clients.  It took me over a half hour to fix it.  I dealt with dumb people all day and would rather have drove a pencil through my eardrum than listening to their b.s. excuses.  And that made me eat way too many Reese's PB Hearts which made me feel disgusting.  Instead of working out I spent the night with one of the BFF's talking crap (which made me feel way better.) 

Today, Cameryn woke up way too early after going to bed way too late, which makes me feel way too crazy.  I feel really gross (thank you Reese's PB Hearts.)  I hit the trashcan backing out of the driveway (don't worry, Chris, the car is fine).  Yes, I have a backup camera.  I still hit the damn thing.  I blame it on the garbage man who didn't put the trashcan back where he found it (sidewalk, anyone?) and instead placed too close to my car. 

But, it's Friday.  Which means that I have a few hours of the work week left.  The weekend should be better.  The sun will be out.  My overtired toddler will hopefully take a long nap.  I am due for several long runs in 60 degree weather.  Dinner with friends.  And more laundry.  Sigh.  I'll fold laundry all day long.  But please, don't ask me to put it away, I loathe the thought of putting away the laundry.  Sometimes I cry when actually doing it.  Seriously.

Wine is in the weekend forecast.

Thank you, baby Jesus, it's Friday.

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