Cameryn's Fashion Show

9:59 AM

I was a gymnast, never a cheerleader.  I lived for gymnastics.  I coached gymnastics because I loved it, still do!  It's only natural that Cameryn will love it too, right?  We haven't enrolled her in classes yet, but plan to do so soon.  When I found out I was having a girl, I was given several leotards from Shana that her girls outgrew and kept them at the back of Cameryn's pajama drawer.  She found them last night when picking out her PJ's, was immediately fascinated and had a little fashion show.  She would put one leo on and then say, "Okay Mommy, take a picture!  Cheese!"  and then ask to see the picture before she took off the leo and put on another one!  She was so funny!

She was trying so hard to get it on by herself.


She lined them up after trying them all on and wanted to put on her two favorite leo's, again!

I am so glad that she likes leotards.  There's hope for her to be a gymnast!  YAY!

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