Friday Ramblings.

10:35 AM

I totally planned on going home last night to clean and pack.  Instead I did something even better. I got my hair did.  There is nothing more fabulous than going to the salon looking like death and coming out looking like a quarter of a million bucks.  The appointment was unexpected, she had a last minute cancellation and asked me if I wanted to come in!  I didn't even hesitate. 

Chris gave me the once over when I got home and asked me if I felt better now that I "got my head fixed." 


However, the answer to that question is yes, I feel better now that my hair is fixed.  My head, however, has a long way to go.


Cameryn's class was supposed to go to the zoo today for a field trip, but it was raining.  She was so excited last night and of course didn't want to go to sleep.  I asked her to lay down and close her eyes.  She said, "I can't close my eyes.  My eyes are broken.  When I close my eyes it's black in there."  I laughed all the way out of her room.


I hit a new low today.  I became one of those annoying parents that leave their child's fundraising packet out in the break room and email their immediate family members and beg them to buy something that they don't need.  It really is for a good cause though. 

Don't you roll your eyes at me!  See, Cameryn's daycare is small (which is one of the reasons I love it!) and it recently came under new ownership (thank god, because the old owner sucked - big time.)  The new owners are from Miami and are fulfilling a lifelong dream by owing the daycare.  They are awesome - plain and simple.  They are involved on a daily basis.  They have provided so many activities and items at no cost to the parents.  I love them.  The kids love them.  The teachers love them.  Overall, everyone is much, much happier with our new owners. 

Anyway, since our old owners sucked and pretty much neglected the outside playground and bought crappy toys that didn't last a week, we need new stuff for our kids.  We're trying to raise money to do so and the fundraiser is just the beginning.  So I emailed the fundraiser out to our family because it's not all wrapping paper and candy.  There's flowers, and baking items, and trashy magazines too.

The things we do for our kids.


We're going to Raleigh this weekend for our nephew's fourth birthday.  The kids are going to have so much fun together.  Plus there will be cake.  I love cake. 


I've decided to give up candy for lent.  Yes, candy.  All of it.  Except gum.  Because I don't consider gum candy.  Chewy candy and reese's pb cups are my weakness.  I have a candy dish on my desk at work.  And I always have more candy in my desk drawer.  It's going to be a long few weeks.  On the flip side, I bet my butt will shrink.

What are you giving up for lent?  Anything?

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