I'm crazy about you.

9:36 AM

My husband is was so romantic.  While dating (for five long years) he would surprise me with candlelit dinners, flowers, jewelry - the typical mushy stuff.   He never disappointed me on Valentine's Day.

Then we got married.  Chivalry died.

Our first Valentine's Day as an old married couple was in 2006.  Chris and I were both working long hours, but because I worked around kids, I was smothered in the red and pink sugary Valentine's Day madness and was reminded every few minutes about what day it was.  Chris works at Lowe's so Valentine's Day tends to go unnoticed in his line of work (unless some woman goes to buy tools so her husband can complete the Honey-Do list!)

I knew he forgot about Valentine's Day.  And I was right.  Because he came home with this.

A gorilla. 
In a tube. 
From the gas station. 
When he went in to pay for his gas, this gorilla was a gentle reminder of what day it was.

Because, obviously, he's crazy about me.

And after all these years (eleven!), though he makes a little crazy, I'm still crazy about him too.

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