Noodle Fishing

11:13 AM

Cameryn got a noodle stuck in her nose.  A cooked noodle. 

Don't ask me how, I have no clue (good parenting, I know.)  One minute she was eating spaghetti quietly and the next she said, "Mommy, I have a noodle in my nose."  I looked at her nose and there wasn't a noodle.  20 minutes later, after her bath water was tinged a lovely spaghetti sauce red, she threw her head back laughing, and I saw it. 

The noodle.  In her nose. 

So I did what every good parent does when their child has a noodle in their nose, I laughed and called her Noodle Nose (which she did not appreciate at all) and then asked myself, "How the &^%# am I going to get that thing out?" 

I tried getting her to blow her nose, but at two years old, it requires much more coordination that one would think.  I phoned a friend who has three kids (who apparently have never put anything in their nose) and she told me to try tweezers.  I did without success.   It was just too far up in her nose and I couldn't grab the noodle without it breaking.  Next, I called Stephanie, a nurse with two kids of her own, hoping that she could a) come over and help me hold Cameryn down while trying to get the blasted noodle, or b) give me some new ideas to remove the blasted noodle.  She couldn't come over since she was home alone with her kiddos, but told me to try massaging her nose, wet paper towels, Q-Tips... I finally called Chris and told him that he needed to come home from work to help me get a noodle out of her nose.   He was slightly amused, mainly because this is something that would happen on his watch, not mine, but agreed to come home and help noodle fish with me.

After twenty minutes of trying to retrieve said noodle, Cameryn was screaming.  She was obviously traumatized.  Her nose hurt.  I gave her a lollipop and I Googled it.  Thank god for all of the forums on things in a kid's nose (beads, lego people, playdoh, erasers, masking tape balls.) Though sadly, there was only one reference to a cooked noodle and there wasn't any clue on how to get it out.  But I did find one thing that I thought would work...

I held Cameryn's arms so she couldn't smack me, plugged the noodle free nostril with my finger, and went to blow into her mouth.  She freaked and told me not to blow in her mouth, so I told her to try blowing out of her nose.  Finally, after 4-5 times of blowing out of her nose with one nostril covered, the noodle came out covered in snot and blood.  She was so proud.

The noodle was a little less than an inch long.  Here it is with a juice box straw for comparison.

 Miss Noodle Nose, post noodle.

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